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JULY 16th, 2015
The PCHS was in danger of closing earlier this year but thanks to the generous donations that have poured in we have been able to stay open and are now accepting animals again.

In addition our humane officer has resumed responding to cruelty calls, injured animals, etc.

Furthermore we are working with the local municipalities to ensure funding going forward. More on this as it develops.

If you would like to help, please use the Paypal button on the left to donate.

Please note that due to staff and veterinary costs, it takes over $28,000 per month to run the shelter.

Click Here for Liz Forrest's article about us in MilfordNow Magazine.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Pike County Humane Society is to prevent cruelty to animals by educating people in the humane treatment of all animals. To educate and indoctrinate society and individuals on the intricacies of having and owning pets by explaining the responsibility endowed by such ownership. To provide shelter, food, care and medical treatment as needed for the lost, abandoned, abused and unwanted animals that come under our care. To evaluate prospective adoptees and to find good homes for the animal we care for. To educate people in the importance of spay and neuter programs and to function as an agent by making available a low cost spay and neuter program to address the overwhelming unwanted animal population. To offer cooperation and assistance to appropriate authorities to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.

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